Dialog Ideamart APIs Explained


Dialog Ideamart is a powerful service that allows you to do awesomely cool stuff with their telecommunication technology.  So, if you have no idea of what Dialog Ideamart is, this article is for you.

This short article will simply teach you what Dialog Ideamart is, and what you can do with it.

First of all, we’ll get a brief idea about Ideamart. With Dialog Ideamart, you can create Telco Apps (I prefer the short term of Telecommunication Applications). A telco app can be anything that uses telecommunication technology and provide services based on variety of user needs. It can be a SMS alert application, a USSD application, Subscription application or whatever that interact with telecommunication platform.

So, Ideamart allows you to create these telco apps with their certain APIs, SDKs and other cool set of tools they offer.

How Ideamart Works..?

Basically Ideamart breaks their services down to few categories.

  1. Ideaapps
  2. Ideadroid
  3. Ideapro
  4. Ideabiz

Basically Ideaapps and Ideadroid are for Non-developers. You don’t need to have a coding knowledge. It’s a wizard based application creation platform that you can create application with few clicks. You can read their complete documentation to learn more.

And Ideabiz is said to be for enterprise level applications. It provide certain APIs that can be integrated with various commercial services. For example,  billing information APIs, customer APIs, ezCash integration and so much more. See their documentation for more information.

Alright, now the category we’re gonna be talking about mostly is Ideapro. Ideapro is the category we, developers mostly find interesting. Others can be too, but this Ideapro platform surely will have much more fun for developers.




If you’re a developer, and you’re fine with coding and technical stuff like servers and blah blah blah, then you’re totally fine to use Ideapro platform.

Currently Ideapro consists of 6 APIs.

  • CaaS API
  • Downloadable API
  • Subscription API

You can use any of them and create your telco application.  And you’re gonna need to download the Ideamart Developer tools as well.

  • Ideamart Developer Bundle (Includes Ideamart simulator & docs)
  • In-app SDKs (PHP or Java)

You need to have these with you before start developing Ideapro apps.

So, we’ll be talking more about developing Ideapro apps in the next few tutorials. Meanwhile refer the docs and do some research about Dialog Ideamart.

That’s it for today! 🙂

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