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REST API in Laravel with CRUD functionality

Laravel is used to build various server-side applications in the industry. Using Laravel to build APIs is a quite popular these days since it’s fairly easy with Laravel. It comes with Migrations, Pre-defined validations, Easy to manage MVC architecture and… Continue Reading →

Laravel Seeder with Faker Data Factory

We previously discussed about Laravel Seeders. Seeders are awesome with Faker. So what’s Faker ? So, today we’re gonna discuss Laravel Seeder with Faker Data Factory. Understanding Laravel Seeder with Faker Data You can insert a set of data by… Continue Reading →

Laravel Seeder. What is it? How to use?

Both Laravel Migrations and Laravel Seeder are pretty interesting features of Laravel. We discussed What Laravel Migrations are and how to use them.  Today we’re learning What is Laravel Seeder and How to use it to ease your Laravel development…. Continue Reading →

Laravel Migrations Simply Explained

Laravel Migrations plays a huge role in when managing large systems with complicated database schema with lots of tables. Even if your system is a small one, Laravel Migrations makes it lot easier for you to manage the Database. What… Continue Reading →

Frontend Validation with Laravel Requests – JsValidation

Today I’m introducing a great (actually awesome) package for Laravel. This package allows us to validate Laravel forms using the Validation rules we define in Request files, from the frontend. Yeah you heard me correct! This package (Laravel JsValidation) totally… Continue Reading →

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