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NodeJS Inverse Seed Generator – Seeds from existing data.

NodeJS Inverse Seed Generator is a really handy tool to have in a perfect development environment. Sometimes you may wanna write the existing data of the database tables, to seed files for later usage. For example you might have some… Continue Reading →

Callback Functions in JavaScript Simply Explained for Beginners

Concept of Callback functions is an amazing invention of Asynchronous Programming. Wait, what is Asynchronous Programming ? Well, Asynchronous Programming programming is “Execution of the functions or methods is independent from the main program thread” in other words, other functions… Continue Reading →

Top 3 PHP Web Servers Software

If your’re PHP developer, you might have been in the confusion of choosing right PHP Web Servers for your production environment. What runs fast ? What supports concurrency most ? and What uses less resources ? Well, let’s talk about!… Continue Reading →

REST API in Laravel with CRUD functionality

Laravel is used to build various server-side applications in the industry. Using Laravel to build APIs is a quite popular these days since it’s fairly easy with Laravel. It comes with Migrations, Pre-defined validations, Easy to manage MVC architecture and… Continue Reading →

Laravel Seeder with Faker Data Factory

We previously discussed about Laravel Seeders. Seeders are awesome with Faker. So what’s Faker ? So, today we’re gonna discuss Laravel Seeder with Faker Data Factory. Understanding Laravel Seeder with Faker Data You can insert a set of data by… Continue Reading →

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