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Ajax Multiple Image Upload

Today I’m introducing a powerful Ajax Multiple Image Upload and will discuss how to integrate it with your web application. First take a look at this DEMO. This is what we’re going to build. This image uploader is written in JavaScript…. Continue Reading →

Installing and Setting up Laravel

Laravel is a modern PHP framework following the MVC design pattern. Today Laravel is almost everywhere in web application industry. Even for complicated systems like online banking systems, Laravel is used because of its beauty and simplicity. We have posted… Continue Reading →

How to Validate Form Data in Laravel

Today we are going to learn how to validate form data in Laravel. When you are submitting a form, you may need to validate data fields to check whether they are clean and meet the certain standards. For example, you… Continue Reading →

How to Upload files to S3 with Laravel

When you’re developing a Laravel project, you typically upload files to your local Storage folder or public folder. However there are some case that you have to use a remote file server that is dedicated for file hosting. So, the… Continue Reading →

Best IDE for PHP – PHPStorm

Most of the amateur PHP developers struggle finding a perfect IDE for developing in PHP. The best example is ME. When I was starting in programming with PHP I didn’t have many choices. The first one I used was Notepad++… Continue Reading →

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