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Top 3 PHP Web Servers Software

If your’re PHP developer, you might have been in the confusion of choosing right PHP Web Servers for your production environment. What runs fast ? What supports concurrency most ? and What uses less resources ? Well, let’s talk about!… Continue Reading →

React Native FlatList

Hi everyone. In the last chapter, we discussed how to fetch data from API. In this article we are going to learn about React Native FlatList. We created an app and we checked the json formatted data in the browser…. Continue Reading →

REST API in Laravel with CRUD functionality

Laravel is used to build various server-side applications in the industry. Using Laravel to build APIs is a quite popular these days since it’s fairly easy with Laravel. It comes with Migrations, Pre-defined validations, Easy to manage MVC architecture and… Continue Reading →

Laravel Seeder with Faker Data Factory

We previously discussed about Laravel Seeders. Seeders are awesome with Faker. So what’s Faker ? So, today we’re gonna discuss Laravel Seeder with Faker Data Factory. Understanding Laravel Seeder with Faker Data You can insert a set of data by… Continue Reading →

Fetch data from API in React Native

Hi everyone, in the previous article, we discussed about lifecycle methods in react native. With that knowledge, you already have gotten basic skills to develop a simple app. In this article, we are going to discuss how to Fetch data from… Continue Reading →

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