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Remote Work Productivity Tips for Staying Focused

Hey there, awesome coders and tech enthusiasts! We live in a world where your computer skills can be your superpower, and you get to work from the cozy corners of your home. That’s what we call “remote work,” and today,… Continue Reading →

HR Interview Questions Every Developer Should Know

HR interview questions might seem a bit scary for developers!! You see, Developers are really good at the technical stuff. They can solve tricky coding problems, fix computer issues, and do well in technical tests. They’re super smart and can… Continue Reading →

How to Boost Development Productivity with AI Programming Tools

Let’s dive into the exciting world of AI in software development! These AI programming tools will help to get the best out of your programming skills. In the thrilling realm of software development, change is always happening! Just like the… Continue Reading →

NodeJS Inverse Seed Generator – Seeds from existing data.

NodeJS Inverse Seed Generator is a really handy tool to have in a perfect development environment. Sometimes you may wanna write the existing data of the database tables, to seed files for later usage. For example you might have some… Continue Reading →

Callback Functions in JavaScript Simply Explained for Beginners

Concept of Callback functions is an amazing invention of Asynchronous Programming. Wait, what is Asynchronous Programming ? Well, Asynchronous Programming programming is “Execution of the functions or methods is independent from the main program thread” in other words, other functions… Continue Reading →

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