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Most of the amateur PHP developers struggle finding a perfect IDE for developing in PHP. The best example is ME. When I was starting in programming with PHP I didn’t have many choices. The first one I used was Notepad++ and frustrated few days later. Then I began to use NetBeans. Which was perfect, clean and batteries included IDE. I used it may be 2 or 3 years for hundreds of projects. However, I wondered that is this the Best IDE for PHP ? Then I met this cute guy and fell in love with him at the first sight.



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PHPStorm is presented by JetBrains. It was first release in 2010 with minimum IDE features and now It’s been almost 10 years and It’s offering so many features that makes a developers life so much easier.

Why PHPStorm is Best IDE for PHP ?

PHPStorm offers many features that can automate or semi automate tasks that needs to be manually completed in other IDEs. And It is light weight and super fast with low consumption of memory. The following are some of the major features offered in the Latest versions of PHPStorm.

Inbuilt Console

PHPStorm Terminal

You don’t have to minimize or close PHPStorm to use the terminal you’re already using. Because PHPStorm comes with a Terminal inbuilt, so just click Terminal button and it will open up. So, you just have to type your commnds here.


VCS Integration

Git in PHPStorm

PHPStorm comes with Version Control System pre-enabled and installed. Therefore working with Version Control Systems like GIT is made so much easier since this offers a GUI to add/stage files to git, discard, commit and push.

Code Refactoring and Auto Complete


This IDE comes with this feature much improved. It can correctly format the code syntax and put them in a readable manner. And it is really fast with code suggestions. That’s much helpful for beginner developers.


Deploy to Servers easily


PHPStorm comes with this Deployment feature that allows us to pre configure our multiple servers and their configurations. So, if I want to deploy this version of my code to my staging server that’s just a piece of cake.



Auto Import Files

This feature is really handy tool. When you’re typing a class name or something in the code, PHPStorm will auto-import that class by setting the correct path. This feature improves the automation and helpful for fast programmers since it saves lots of time setting correct paths.


Easily Search Everywhere

search everywhere

PHPStorm consists of this Search Everywhere feature where users can double press shift and search for any item, files, code-snippets



Apart from these features PHPStorm consists following features as well.

  • More than 10 themes
  • Database Tools
  • PHP 7.3 Support
  • Doctrine Query Language

So, these feeatures make PHPStorm the best IDE for coding in PHP.


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